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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Sunday till Monday

and headache were killing me when Eric, Maya and I watched the movie The Incridbles, last Sunday. That’s why I did not enjoy the movie that much. It was funny though. Monday afternoon, I went to Quezon City hall because that's the first step for me to get a birth certificate. Oh yes my dear, I also can't imagine that at this time, I still don't have one. Duh!!! As if I don't exist. I blame my mom for what I am going through right now. I've been to Quezon City hall four times or more. I really hate government offices. As if they really don't like what they were doing. I even noticed that nobody from that organization knows how to smile. I was really fed up!!! So I decided to pay the cityhall clerk just to have this fixed. Because aside from going to that place a couple of times, I went to three churches just to find where I was baptized and to secure a copy of my baptismal certificate. My Mom doesn't remember anymore the specific church. Oh how sweet!!! Thanks a lot Mom; I still do love you though. Don't worry. Well anyway, the clerk offered me two options. If I pay P1500, everything will be fixed by Thursday and that's it. The other one is to pay P500, but I still need to go back on Dec.6 and complete the last requirement. I decided to pay P500 instead, because this is not an urgent thing anyway. A thousand bucks difference is really something. Do I look like a rich kiddo to pay that sum of money!? Hay gobyerno nga naman. Tsk tsk tsk!!!

When I came home, I slept for 2 hours, and then went online to check my email. George and I were scheduled to chat at 10PM Japan time, so that's 9PM Phil time. I was really glad that he was not sick anymore. He was working too much, that he even goes to work during weekends. He is not being paid for that though. OTY!!!! My day was finally complete because we were able to chat and say how much we miss each other. If you're reading this blog right now, I want you to know that I am so excited to see and hug you again, and that so much ! ! !

Perfect love is rare indeed... for to be a lover will require that you continually have the subtlety of the very wise, the flexibility of the child,the sensitivity of the artist, the understanding of the philosopher, the acceptance of the saint, the tolerance of the scholar and the fortitude of the certain.


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