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Monday, November 15, 2004

Sunday is My Day

I went to bed at 4am. My cell phone rang at about 9:30am, and it was Ge on the other line asking my preferred sched. I woke up twice this morning because somebody kept on calling on the landline and it was for my brother. I was so annoyed that he didn't even lower down the ringer volume knowing that I was still asleep. I had to unplug the phone cord so I could rest more. I finally got up from my bed at 3:30pm. Went online to let George know that I'm already awake and my plans for the day. I know that he was busy working on some html/website project which he was task to do. He is a systems administrator though. I found out that Eric and Maya would still be in the same shift that I have. At 5:45PM, I went to SM Manila to pay my phone bill. Ever since George left for Japan, I never wanted to go to malls because I am saddened to hear Christmas songs, thinking that we won't be able to spend Christmas together. I told myself that I have to overcome such feeling. So what I did was to think that his boss would let him go home on Christmas for a vacation. Finally, I felt the rush to shop again!!! I bought new shoes and some toiletries. Went home at around 8:30pm, then immediately went online. George and I chat for an hour and a half. He also loves our new blogspot, especially the post regarding the two of us. I showed him my new shoes, and he liked it. We always have the same taste when it comes to food and fashion. Well except for samurai balls.... I hate it. He had to sleep early because he just moved to a new apartment, together with his 2 other friends, and his new place is far from his office. After having dinner, I called my best friend Elane. I also watched Lost in Translation. Not my kind of movie though. Because I got disappointed by the movie that I watched, I ate some of my favorite junkies. Hehehe. I know that I shouldn't eat chocolates because of my throat's condition, but I just can't help it!!!

==> In true love the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be bridged. ~Hans Nouwens


  • At 8:24 AM, Blogger Mary said…

    patay na patay ka tlga sa kanya (salie)


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