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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Mia and George

George and I were together since February of 2001. We've been through a lot of ups and downs that made our relationship grew even stronger. We always wanted to hold on to what we have. We kiss and makeup after some petty quarrel that we don't normally encounter anyway. We both love to eat and hangout in different restos. The most common routine for us are malling and shopping. We love the beach, and would like to travel some parts of the world someday. We both love to surprise each other. May it be with some fancy gifts, or something that one would do to surprise the other. Trust is one of the most important "ingredients" to keep our relationship, especially now that we are "a bit" far from each other. Yes our dear friends, I'm here in Philippines, while George is in Japan, working very hard to earn lots of "lapad" for us to pay our bills, and to save some for our "bright" future. Aren't those reasons good enough for us to wait 10 more months before we could hug hug hug each other again? Uhhhh.... we think so.


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