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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Just Had a Major Concert

Got up from my bed at exactly 11am . Sore throat and cough were killing me these past few days. Unfortunately, my voice is almost gone today, which is killing me even more. It seems like I had a major concert even though I don't have any backup dancers or singers at all. I know that those agents who were getting me to answer their Q&As would like me to just go home and take some rest, because they can't understand me anymore. I even answered 2 escalation calls, and one of the customers would like to hang up the phone the soonest possible time because she wants me to rest my voice. I don't know if that customer was able to distinguish if I'm a real woman, or a man hiding from a woman's name. Anyway, here I am, still composing my 3rd posting at 3:10AM. Yes I will take some rest, perhaps at around 4AM oki!?


  • At 1:10 PM, Blogger Erik said…

    Concert talaga! hehehe Guess what I still have a B shift sked! yahooooooo...


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